What can Venator Pro offer?

Are you searching for a unique hunting opportunity in Central Scotland? Do you need high quality stalking clothing and accessories sent directly to your door for a great price? Have you been lucky enough to bag a deer and are looking for the perfect venison recipe? Well, we provide everything you might need, from field to plate.

We’ll supply everything you and your hunting party need for your stalk, including experienced, professional guides with great knowledge of the hunting area and with years of stalking experience.

You’ll get the “full hunting service” from us. Save time and enjoy a single, trusted source of hunting opportunities and clothing & accessories.



Venator Pro. That’s an interesting name…

Thanks! Venator is a Latin derivation of the word hunter, and here at Venator Pro, we are hunters by name and hunters by nature. It’s our profession, our passion, our past and our future.

Who’s behind Venator Pro?

Kenneth Larsen established Venator Pro in 2014. Kenneth is a 54 year old Norwegian who has been living in Perth for the past 15 years. After many years as a recreational stalker and hunter, he decided to follow his passion for the great outdoors, deer stalking and preparing tasty venison and game dishes. Kenneth previously held Senior Executive positions in several European food sector markets for over 35 years. Meet Kenneth

But it isn’t just Kenneth who will look after you. The experienced team of accomplished deerstalkers, passionate customer service managers, trusted partners and Duke the Bavarian Mountain Hound are ready and waiting to give you a truly memorable experience. Meet Duke and the team


What else makes you different?

Our mission is to deliver memorable and exciting country sport moments – from field to plate.

Our values. We measure everything we do against our values. They are the cornerstones of how we operate. Our values help us deliver a higher quality service than you will get elsewhere.

  • We are passionate about hunting and respectful of the quarry, the habitat and the law
  • Innovative ideas, forward planning and products that adhere to the highest of standards give us our competitive edge
  • We are solution-driven and service-minded
  • Focusing on customer satisfaction will secure our future