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Roe Deer Stalking

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Ready to experience the finest Roe deer stalking in Scotland?

Venator Sporting are based in Perthshire, along the central belt of Scotland. Just 45 minutes from Edinburgh and one hour from Glasgow. Our base in Perth sits within what many consider to be the perfect habitat for Roe deer.

Stalk Roe deer with us and you’ll enjoy a well-organised and exciting stalking experience that will live long in the memory.

Our local knowledge will bring you many Roe deer stalking opportunities

Enjoy the very best Roe deer stalking and hunting. We’ll use our local knowledge to ensure you stalk on the best grounds in Perthshire for that time of year. So on your next visit, you’ll enjoy plenty of stalking opportunities.

  • Mid-April to mid-June: Often the best period for Roe buck stalking.
  • High summer: This is when the undergrowth and crops are at their tallest. Woodland stalking and some well-placed high seats can give great results in the highs of the summer.
  • Mid-July to mid-August: Rutting season. Activity levels are high and the deer can be easier to spot and stalk.
  • Late August - early September: After the Roe bucks have had a deserved rest, they are out in the fields and stalking opportunities are plentiful.
  • Late October to March: Roe doe stalking. We believe that doe stalking can present some great stalking challenges, and at more reasonable costs.

Roe deer stalking tailored to you

We can tailor the stalking location to ensure the terrain meets your fitness and mobility needs. Mostly, we stalk by foot but also use high seats occasionally.


Equipment and safety on your Roe deer hunt

Before we start stalking, we need to ensure that your rifle is zeroed, fit for purpose and meets legal requirements. Hunting Roe deer in Scotland requires a bullet weigh at least 50 grains, a minimum muzzle velocity of 2,450 feet per second and a minimum muzzle energy of 1,000 foot pounds.

For all deer of any species, the bullet must weigh at least 100 grains, a minimum muzzle velocity of 2,450 feet per second and a minimum muzzle energy of 1,750 foot pounds. All these figures are the minimum legal requirement.

For all deer stalking, the bullet must be of a type designed to expand/deform on impact. You will be taken to a secure place to shoot three shots at a target before stalking commences. We recommend the use of a sound moderator and/or hearing protection for your own protection. If you don’t have your own rifle, you can easily rent one from Venator Sporting.

Additional information about Roe deer stalking

  • We welcome both novice and experienced stalkers for Roe stalking
  • We offer Roe deer stalking seven days a week during the open season
  • We can take two clients per stalking guide and a maximum of four clients at any one time
  • Any buck heads belongs to the stalking guest and can be prepared (boiled and cleaned) at a cost
  • All trophy heads will be measured in accordance to the CIC standard, before it’s sent to the guest. The skull needs to be dried for 30 days before it can be measured.

All meat belongs to the sporting providers and can be purchased at the going rate.

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