Fallow, Sika and Red Deer Stalking

Fallow, Sika and Red Deer Stalking

Interesting in visiting the Highlands for a different stalking challenge?

In addition to Roe deer stalking, we also offer Fallow, Sika and Red deer hunting on several estates and farmland in cooperation with our stalking partners and other sporting providers.

Scottish weather at it’s most interesting

Stalking in the Highlands can be challenging with the changeable weather conditions, steep hills and wet conditions. We recommend that you are fit and are able to ensure long walks in challenging conditions. The stalk is usually a full day outing. Waterproof warm clothing, suitable  hill boots, walking stick, food and hot drinks are essential supplies.

A local stalking guide by your side

You will be accompanied by a local stalking guide throughout the day on estate land to stalk Fallow, Sika or Red deer. Your guide will know the area very well and is usually a full-time employee of the estate.

The stalking guide will identify a suitable cull animal (most estates have strict cull targets as part of their deer management plan), and take you close enough for a safe shot (often involving crawling) within a distance that offers you comfort, confidence and accuracy.

Additional information about Fallow, Sika and Red deer stalking

  • You should be comfortable with shooting distances of up to at least 150 meters
  • A shooting test is required before you are taken onto the hill. If you are unable to satisfactory group three shots, we will be unable to proceed with the stalk
  • Some estates require a sound moderator if you bring your own rifle.
  • Estate rifles is usually available and can be rented at a cost.
  • The stalk will go on until you have managed to bag a deer, or at a time that will get you safely off the hill before dark
  • If you miss and wound an animal you will be charged full cost for the beast
  • The deer head and antlers belongs to the guest and can be boiled and cut at a cost

All meat belongs to the estate and can be purchased at the going rate

Some fine specimens from the 2015 season.

Red Deer Stag – Comrie                         Red Deer Stag – Perthshire                   Fallow Buck – Perthshire

IMG_0258stag resized

Fallow resized

Further Opportunities


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