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Heatmax 3 system


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When talking about heated clothes there are many solutions but only Hillman`s Heatmax3 system provides 20 000 mAh power for excellent heating with the option to be used as powerbank for your mobile phone, camera and most USB chargers as well. The latest carbon fiber heater technology is no only the most efficient and advance on the market, but its radiated infrared heat has many benefits for your health, blood circulation and antibacterial protection. The Heatmax3 System of Hillman is removable, easy to operate with system, which allows easy maintenance of your clothing when the system is removed. The battery set is delivered with different plugs which are compatible with most of the famous brands mobile phones and devices and it will serve you not only when you use it for warmth with our Heatmax Ready hunting clothing, but also as powerbank in your day life.

2013-02-14-16.09Technical parameters:

Power bank

Input: DC 5V, 1.0A(max)
Output I: 5V, 1A(As Charger)
Output II: 5V, 2A(Heating System)
Battert type: Li-Polymer
Capacity: 20 000mAh
Dimensions: L130xW82xH10
Infrared heater / heating pad:

Input: DC 5V, 2.0A(max)
Heat source: Carbon fiber wiring
Heating temperature: 65C of the heating elements and 45C surface temperature.



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