HUNTER Radio Harness


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Product Description

Hunter Harness for hunting radio and GPS or cell phone. The harness makes your equipment easily accessible and convenient to carry even in bushy forest.


• Weather-proof and robust • Leather and nylon • Pockets for both hunting radio and GPS /mobile phone • Special mounts for long antennae. • Touch screen works through the plastic window • Quick and easy to take on and off thanks to snap-buckle.


Elastic bands in pockets to hold and be flexible for both large and small radio unit. GPS / mobile phone pocket has a plastic window for the display. This pocket is foldable to quickly and easily view your location or reading phone message. Popular among professional dog handlers, trackers as well as other professional forest workers.

Technical Specifications

• Material: Leather and nylon • Fits small radio that Hunter TIGHT and bigger as Hunter F1 • GPS / mobile phone pocket fits devices with a circumference less than 20 cm (For example the Garmin Alpha will fit)


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