HUNTER Sport Radio 2-PACK (446 MHZ)


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Hunter SPORT™ is a ruggedized radio for recreational use. The 8 channels on the PMR 446 MHz band are license free all over Europe. The radio is compact, simple and fun to use in all kinds of recreational activities. The Hunter SPORT™ differentiates from other PMR radios with a long high-tech antenna, stronger enclosure and a powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery. This provides for longer communication ranges, a product that will not easily break with a battery lasting +2range-sport0 hours. This is as close to a professional PMR radio there is on the market today. The communication range is longer than for comparable PMR radios. The professional antenna and the latest radio technology makes a real difference in sound quality when the distance increases. Hunter SPORT™ is designed to make best use of the PMR 446 license free channels.









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