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Manual Sausage Filler/Stuffer


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Product Description

This quality vertical sausage stuffer is full of superior features. This sausage stuffer is also designed with a firm and sturdy square base which brings you the optimal stability in use. This model stuffer has a capacity of 3 L perfectly suits food enthusiasts, professionals and households.

The ergonomically designed crank handle turns effortlessly, allowing the user to stuff with the least amount of exertion. Its frame and base are both manufactured from wrought iron which are rust-resistant and water-proof, making sure years of use.

This manual sausage maker/filler comes with three funnels/nozzles for making various sizes of sausages.
Product Specifications:

Model 1: 3 L

Cylinder size: 15 x 21 cm (Ø x H)

Overall size: 29 x 24 x 50 cm

Stuffer material: Stainless steel (the cylinder) + wrought iron (the base)

Tube material: PE plastic

Stuffing tubes: 3 pcs (13/17/19 mm in diameter)


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