The Macnab Challenge

Take on a MacNab challenge

The MacNab Challenge is an invigorating and rewarding sporting challenge. Whether you are ticking a MacNab off your bucket list or this is a regular event for you, we offer the chance to enjoy this unique experience in the wonderful Perthshire countryside.

What is a MacNab Challenge?

The MacNab derived from the famous "John MacNab" novel by John Buchan, published in 1925. The novel sees three successful but bored friends in their mid-forties decide to turn to poaching. They set up at a Scottish estate one summer and warn the neighbours they intend to poach a salmon or a stag from their land and return it to them undetected.

"Sir, I have the honour to inform you that I propose to kill a stag, or a salmon as the case may be, on your ground between midnight on…and midnight"

The challenge was born.

To the victor belong the spoils!

If you are successful bagging a MacNab, you will receive an engraved whiskey decanter or hip flask together with a bottle of single malt whiskey. We will also publish your accomplishment on our website.


Please note that we will do our outmost to help you complete the MacNab Challenge but this cannot be guaranteed. Please also be aware that a MacNab is a difficult task at the best of times and weather conditions, time pressure, your own ability to shoot and fly fish might be a contributing factors for not succeeding with the challenge. We only have limited availability so please plan and book your MacNab well in advance.

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