How To Make Rubs


Our premium quality seasoning rub mixes will add that special taste to any dish. Perfect for venison and game but you can alternatively use lamb, beef, chicken, pork and fish. Perfect for any grill dishes, stir fry, roast and casseroles.

How to use:
Pat any meat or fish dry before applying the Rub.

Dry rub: Firmly rub each side of each piece of meat or fish then leave in fridge for 60 to 120 minutes before cooking on medium heat in oil or butter. Don’t overheat the pan, you will burn the spices. Brown evenly and finish the cooking in the oven. For larger roasts and game leave it in the fridge for up to 3-5 hours before oven roasting. Tip; you can mix a little vegetable/olive oil onto your fish/meat and then apply your rub. This will help your rub to stick. You want to make sure that you cover both sides of the fish or meat to lock in your seasonings.

Wet rub: Mix the Dry Rub with olive oil, yoghurt or butter, even honey, to convert into a ‘wet’ or ‘sticky’ rub to apply on to the meat or fish you’re preparing.

You can also use the rub mix on vegetables mixed with olive oil and bake or pan fry. Perfect in oil or wine marinades. Tip; use a pestle and mortar to “bruise” the rub to release more flavour.

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