Venison Recipes

Make the most of your venison

Venison. Like you, we just love that rich taste, fine texture and health benefits of what is becoming an increasingly popular meat to prepare at home.

Do you want to serve a memorable venison meal that lives up to the quality of the meat? To help you achieve this, we have provided some sensational venison recipes.

To make your venison meal even more unforgettable, we can also deliver our special ‘Venator Seasoning’ brand of venison spice and seasoning mixes straight to your kitchen (well, to your front door at least!).

Tried and tasted recipes you would find in a professional kitchen

As a professionally-trained chef, Kenneth Larsen knows the value of a high quality meat like venison and so has created some fantastic recipes for you to try and enjoy at home.

“My passion for food has been with me since I was a young lad. I have trained as a professional chef and have worked in professional kitchens. The interest for food, taste, spices and quality ingredients has always been instilled in me. Deer is a wonderful food source and I feel privileged to have a good supply of fantastic venison meat as a result of my passion for deer stalking.”